Celebrities Wearing Army Green Jackets

10 Celebrities Wearing Army Green Jackets – Who Wore It Best? ...

Celebrities wearing army green jackets seem to be dominating as far as street style trends go. An army green jacket, whether it’s in the form of an anorak or a utility jacket, is a stylish and versatile option for your casual wardrobe. An army green jacket can look great worn with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a summery floral dress. Check out the following.


She pairs her cropped army green jacket with leather pants, a printed t-shirt, an oversized bag, and hi-top sneakers. It’s an outfit that you could easily imagine being worn on the streets of NYC.


Katie Holmes wears her army green jacket with patched denim jeans, a grey scarf, and taupe heeled boots. As long as you stick to classic and tailored cuts – this is a combination that will hardly date.


Jessica Alba’s army green jacket are a stylish modern touch. The green jacket worn with a maroon t-shirt is a smart colour combination. The compact side bag, skinny jeans, and ankle boots complete the casual, off-duty look.


Olivia Palermo dresses up her outfit by slipping on a pair of heels. She also belts her jacket at the waist to stop it from appearing too shapeless. This is just one example of how you can style an army green jacket.


Maggie Gyllenhaal sticks to a fairly casual look in her army green jacket. She teams it with a printed top, blue jeans, and neutral sandals. It’s a look that’s easy to put together.


Vanessa Hudgens teams her army green jacket over a simple black mini dress. Oversized sunglasses and a cup of coffee in hand finish off the typical celebrity look.


Elle MacPherson does airport dressing in her army green jacket and leather pants. She accessorises with the obligatory dark celebrity shades.


Diane Kruger opts for the tried and tested outfit of an army green jacket and skinny jeans. She accessorises with a poor boy cap, two-tone bag, and chic studded ankle boots.

Army green jackets are perfect for wearing with your casual, off-duty outfits. These are just some celebrities who have embraced this item of clothing.

Celebrities Who Changed their Name

7 Celebrities Who Changed Their Name for Fame ...

Take a look at some celebrities who changed their name. Going into the limelight must be a tough thing. It’s a cool kind of way to have a life separate from Hollywood. The list of celebrities who changed their name for fame goes on and on.


She was born “Karen Lucille Hale.” Can you imagine if we knew her as Karen instead of Lucy? It’d be so weird! This pretty little liar isn’t the only one who changed her name for fame though. Her co-star Shay is really Shannon!


This talented singer was born “Destiny Hope Cyrus” and legally changed her name in 2008. Growing up, her nickname was “smiley” because she always had a big ol’ smile on her face. The name stuck and was shortened to Miley! Her fan base is called “smilers” (how cute?). I’m glad she’s one of the celebrities who changed their name.


Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. Sounds so fancy! In an interview she revealed the story behind changing her name. She talked about her original name and how “I didn’t feel like it belonged to me. I decided that I would be the one who decided what my name was and I would decide where I lived, and I would decide what I would do.” She said she wanted a name that “was as beautiful as the music I was going to make.”


This talented actress was born “Hannah Dakota Fanning.” When it came to being in the limelight, she dropped her first name and became known as Dakota.  Her sister also followed in her footsteps. Elle dropped her first name, Mary, and is now just known as Elle Fanning.


Katy Perry’s birth name is Kathryn Hudson. When she was up and coming in the music industry, she decided to change it, the reason being that there was already a Kate Hudson everyone knew and loved! So, she changed Kathryn to Katy and dropped Hudson for her mother’s maiden name, Perry.


The singer/actress goes by Lea Michele but her real name is Lea Michele Sarfati. In an interview, Lea said she dropped her last name because she used to get lots of jokes about it in middle school!

There are SO many celebs who changed their name, so this is nowhere near the end of it.